CodeMate offers multiple deployment options to self-host your knowledge base so that your data is stored on your servers. The appropriate option for your organization depends on your goals and requirements, as well as the technical expertise and resources available. The following sections provide an overview of the available options and their associated investments and technical pre-requisites.

Deployment types

Carefully consider your organization's needs and technical expertise when selecting a CodeMate Knowledge Base deployment method. The method you choose cannot be changed for a running instance, so make an informed decision. The available methods have different capabilities, and the following sections provide recommendations to help you choose.

CodeMate Cloud

For Enterprises looking for a managed Cloud solution.

A cloud instance hosted and maintained by CodeMate.

Machine Images

For Enterprises looking for a self-hosted solution on the Cloud infrastructure of their choice.

An option to run CodeMate Knowledge Base on your own infrastructure using pre-configured machine images.

Customized machine images allow you to spin up a preconfigured and customized CodeMate instance with just a few clicks, all in less than 10 minutes. Currently available in the following hosts:

Install Script

CodeMate provides an install script that can deploy CodeMate instances to Linux-based virtual machines. This method is recommended for:

  • On-premises deployments (your own infrastructure)

  • Deployments to unsupported cloud providers (non-officially supported)


For large Enterprises that require a multi-node, self-hosted solution.

  • Kustomize utilizes the built-in features of kubectl to provide maximum flexibility in configuring your deployment

  • Helm offers a simpler deployment process but with less customization flexibility

We highly recommend deploying CodeMate on Kubernetes with Kustomize due to the flexibility it provides.

Local machines

For setting up non-production environments on local machines.

  • Docker Compose - Install CodeMate on Docker Compose

  • Docker Single Container - Install CodeMate using a single Docker container

ARM / ARM64 support

Running CodeMate on ARM / ARM64 images is not supported for production deployments.

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