🏦Plans & Billing

CodeMate has a range of plans that cater to everyone in their journey. Whether you are a newbie, or a seasoned developer, or an organization, we have a plan for all. CodeMate follows a simple & transparent pricing structure which is beneficial for everyone. The plan is charged during the start of every billing cycle lasting for 30 days.

Let's take a look at the plans available:

Free Plan

The Free Plan is the default plan that is activated upon signing up for a new account. The plan provides a good set of features to get started with CodeMate and explore what all CodeMate has to offer. The plan comprises of features that helps any individual to get more productive while writing code. The Free plan offers the following features:

  • Access to our basic LLM

  • Access to CodeMate Chat

  • Access to inline chat features inside VS Code

  • Single file & local codebase reference for context-aware answers

  • Standard support via email & Discord Community

The free plan is great for starters & students who want to explore the potential of CodeMate. The plan has no charge associated with it and is always available for free.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is available for individuals who want to unlock the full power of CodeMate. It unlocks core features & extends limits to enable greater gains in productivity. Developers are empowered to write high-quality code faster and more efficiently, accelerating the software development life cycle. Developers can streamline repetitive coding tasks and produce industry-standard code. The Pro plan unlocks access to the following features & limits in addition to the features provided in Free plan:

  • Advanced LLMs with faster response & Web browsing to generate more accurate & current answers.

  • Knowledge Base storage for a total of 10 projects.

  • Add content to Knowledge Base from GitHub Repositories & Web URLs.

  • Context aware suggestions from chunks of code.

  • Debugging & refactoring features.

  • Access to CodeMate Assistant Preview.

  • Chat with content from any Web URL.

  • Access to beta features.

  • Priority support via a dedicated Discord Channel.

Upgrade today! Plans start as low as $8/month.

Teams Plan

The teams plan is aimed at small teams who want to integrate CodeMate into their development flows. CodeMate integrates seamlessly within their flows & helps in every step right from brainstorming to debugging code & generating test cases. The plan has features specifically crafted for teams that enhances their collective productivity and boosts agility to ship code faster. The Teams plan has everything in Pro plan, and enables the following features:

  • Share your Knowledge Base with other team members.

  • Access to Code Review feature with options to export reports as PDF with detailed information & score.

  • No cap on the number of Web searches.

  • Seat management features to manage team members having access to CodeMate.

  • Priority support through WhatsApp, email & dedicated Discord Channel

Upgrade to a Teams plan is easy, visit the Subscription page in CodeMate Web app for more details. Plans begin from $33/user/mo.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is aimed at large businesses and enterprises that have a higher seat requirement (>10) for developers. CodeMate can help streamline the productivity of developers in an organization with notable features like Code Review, Generating Test Cases and more. Knowledge Base can be pooled within teams, enabling personalized insights from code documentation & codebases. Careful emphasis is laid on the strict security & privacy requirements so that organizations can trust CodeMate. The Enterprise Plan adds the following features & options in addition to all features available in the Teams plan:

  • Option to deploy the CodeMate stack within the organization's tenant.

  • Option to self-host Knowledge Base.

  • Pooled organization usage.

  • User Management through dedicated dashboard.

  • Role-based access control.

  • Optional finetuning on own codebase.

  • Configurable LLMs.

  • Access to a dedicated Account Manager

Enterprise plans are fully customizable as per the requirements of organizations. Book a call with our team to discuss requirements & a price quotation for the same.

For a detailed comparison of features in the plan, checkout the comparison table on our website https://codemate.ai.

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