Visual Studio Code

CodeMate's VS Code Extension enhances the functionality of the Visual Studio Code editor by providing a suite of powerful features. It supports features like generating code, reviewing, debugging, enabling developers to investigate and fix issues within their codebase directly from the editor. The extension includes Knowledge Base for interacting with codebases, documentation, GitHub repositories or any web resource, which allows for collaboration and discussion amongst team members or with the AI assistant.

For code reviews, the extension offers tools to analyze and critique code, helping maintain high code quality, while giving the option to customize code reviews. Additionally, the extension enables users to add to their Knowledge Base, presumably allowing for a personalized and evolving collection of coding insights and resources.

A standout feature of the VS Code Extension is the AI Assistant's ability to search the internet for solutions. This means that developers can obtain help and recommendations not just from the built-in capabilities of the extension but also from a broader range of online programming resources and communities, all within the comfort of their code editor. The extension also supports inline actions including Code Lenses & Code Actions, resulting in no productivity loss switching to other panes in VS Code or switching to other apps.

Besides this, many more features are accessible, a list of which is given below:

  • Debug code

  • Optimize code

  • Generate test cases

  • Review & refactor code

  • Generate new code

  • Chat with CodeMate, with support for web browsing

  • Access commands using Inline actions, Code Lenses & Code Actions

  • Delegate tasks to Assistant, our agent experience in Alpha preview

You can read more about each of these features in our Features documentation.

Install the extension here: CodeMate VS Code Extension

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