CodeMate Web App

CodeMate Web App provides access to the core features of CodeMate outside of VS Code or Terminal. It can be accessed from any web browser across desktop or phone, which makes it easy to access CodeMate on the go.


To access the CodeMate Web App, simply navigate to in a new tab. The web app can also be installed as an application for quick access & opening in its own dedicated window.

Upon successful sign-in, the following interface will become visible:


CodeMate Web App comprises of the following components:

  • Dashboard: Displays account information with stats such as login streaks, activity graph & more.

  • Playground: Explore different features as per your wish. Enable options like context & web browsing & pass on prompts to experiment & work on both text & code related queries. Paste it in the code area or upload your own code to use with debug or review features. Click on Debug or Review buttons to process the code. A guided UI appears with suggestions & options to accept or reject the suggestions.

  • Chat: Choose between CodeMate Chat & CodeMate GPT. CodeMate Chats work in a one-to-one chat scenario. CodeMate-GPT on the other hand, works from start to finish on its own. Give it a task, & it will generate code, optimize & review it, and return a code snippet that is ready to use in one's requirements.

CodeMate Chat provides similar controls that folks are used to in the VS Code Extension, including usage of Web browsing, switching to new thread & navigating back to the previous thread.

  • Manage Team & Team Analytics: available for Teams Plan subscribers, enables viewership of Team members & shows different stats about the usage of CodeMate by teammates.

  • Snippets: Shows an assortment of different prompts & ideas to achieve different goals (coming soon).

  • CodeMate Products: Displays a list of different CodeMate products & links to install them.

  • Documentation: access product documentation (you're in the right place!).

  • Help & Support: Enclosed form to submit a feedback or report any issues along with contact details & social links.

Have any questions or feedback? Join our Discord & connect with the team:

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