What We Do

We are building CodeMate, an AI Programming assistant that knows the code you are working on, your entire knowledge base, including but not limited to Source code, Documentation and GitHub repositories, thereby helping developers achieve 10x productivity while programming.

CodeMate for VS Code helps developers to

  • Debug and Fix errors in the code

  • Optimize the existing code

  • Knowledge base-wide chat: Ask CodeMate questions about your entire codebase, documentation, GitHub repositories or any other projects you're working on.

  • Inline-chat: Ask CodeMate to fix or refactor code from anywhere in a file

  • Review the code- Add custom review metrics or do a overall review as per industry standards

CodeMate is not just limited to VS Code, it can help you across different places like:

  • CLI: CodeMate CLI is here to help you inside your terminal. CodeMate CLI works across different terminals like Bash, PowerShell, Command Prompt and more. You can get rich assistance from CodeMate across any project you are working on.

  • Web App: CodeMate is available to use as a Web App where not only can one chat with CodeMate, but also perform numerous other functions such as accessing CodeMate Assistant, access Code snippets, edit account details and much more!

  • Support for these platforms is coming soon:

    • GitHub Bot

    • Browser Extension

    • CodeMate for Education

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