VS Code Extension Changelog

Complete changelog of CodeMate VS Code Extension.

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[2.9.1]: 2024-05-12


  • Test Cases generated from "Generate Test cases" command are now getting stored as a separate file in the root directory

  • Bug fixes & improvements

[2.9.0]: 2024-04-19


  • Inline actions added for various actions

  • Added Code Actions and Code Lenses for quick access to inline actions

  • Added commands to generate code from inline comments triggered by keywords:

    • // Codemate: <query>: for asking Codemate Chat about something

    • // Generate: <query>: for generating code from the query

    • Press enter after typing the query to trigger the action

  • Added option to view and edit the generated code from inline comments

  • Added options to undo the applied inline edits and generations

  • Added options to view diff of the inline edits or the generated code


  • Minor bug fixes

[2.8.7]-[2.8.8]: 2024-04-02


  • Added option to reset password/set new password for CodeMate account


  • Minor bug fixes for incorrect plan showing in extension

  • Minor bug fixes for incorrect caching

[2.8.5]-[2.8.6]: 2024-03-22


  • Fixed an issue for showing incorrect plan in extension

  • Fixed an issue where reminders for ending of plan were not showing correctly

[2.8.4]: 2024-03-19


  • Added option to delete individual projects from Knowledge Base


  • Minor styling changes

  • Fixed non-responsive styling in some cases

[2.8.3]: 2024-03-14


  • Optimized the knowledge base addition process (IMPORTANT We recommend that you resync all your projects to the knowledge base)

  • Optimized internet chat mode to perform better

  • Better context while referring to knowledge base

[2.8.1]-[2.8.2]: 2024-02-20


  • Added function for Assistant to check whether a file exists in the active directory

  • Added option to view User details in the Title bar of the extension sidebar


  • Fixed a bug where GitHub login wasn't working properly

  • Fixed some styling issues

  • Fixed a bug where feedbacks were not working in Assistant view

[2.8.0]: 2024-02-17


  • CodeMate Assistant is available to Pro and Teams plan users. (Currently in Alpha)

  • Assistant Panel can be accessed from Chat view

  • Added option to stop generating responses in Debug/Review/Optimize actions


  • Minor bug fixes

  • Styling fixes for webviews

[2.7.6]-[2.7.7]: 2024-02-12


  • Debug, Review and Optimize Panels updated for better viewing of responses

  • Added quick access commands to editor context-menu

  • Option to delete a thread

  • Updated method to auto sync all projects on startup

  • Added option to stop auto-sync for a particular local project

  • Option to manually sync a project (local project, GitHub repo or a URL)


  • Fixed a bug where auto-sync wasn't properly syncing local files

  • Fixed a bug where thread wasn't opening in the Chat Panel

  • Fixed a bug where Debug and Review responses were not being returned in some cases

[2.7.4]-[2.7.5]: 2024-02-07

  • Minor bug fixes

[2.7.3]-[2.7.4]: 2024-02-05

  • Added threads in CodeMate Chat

  • Added background auto-syncing of files of projects added in knowledge base

  • Users can now view when the last sync was done for a project in the knowledge base

  • Added past conversations in sidebar for quick access to last 3 conversations

  • Updated Chat UI

  • Fixed minor bugs

[2.6.9]-[2.7.2]: 2024-01-30

  • Updated the UI for Files Panel

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong project name was being set in case of multiple workspaces

  • Added an option to view the individual files added to the knowledge base for a project

  • Added option to select branches for GitHub repositories when adding to knowledge base

[2.6.8]: 2024-01-22

  • Changed the file input for attaching files to Chat

  • Improved the UI for Chat

  • Fixed a bug where plan type was showing Free plan

[2.6.6]-[2.6.7]: 2024-01-15

  • Debug/Review/Optimize options now cache the results for faster access

  • Auto clearing of cache and startup optimizations for the extension

  • Improved Chat UI for feedback and save to history buttons

  • Added more actions for code snippets in chat

  • Previous messages can now be edited in chat to trigger new questions to the Assistant

  • Fixed an issue where some folders and files were not visible while adding to knowledge base

  • Fixed an issue with uploading files to knowledge base from multiple opened workspaces

[2.6.4]-[2.6.5]: 2023-12-26

  • Added URL's referenced with web browsing in CodeMate Chat

  • Added integration for Teams Plan

  • Teams Plan users can view shared knowledge base content in CodeMate Chat

[2.6.2]- 2023-11-26

  • Fixed a bug where CodeMate Chat was not working

  • Fixed an issue with Debug functionality

  • Fixed an issue with GitHub repository loading

  • Added more informative error messages

[2.6.1]- 2023-11-13

  • Added feature for inline chat with CodeMate AI in the active editor

  • Fix issues in CodeMate Chat with Web Browsing

  • Optmizations for faster start-up of CodeMate extension

  • Minor bug fixes

[2.5.9] - [2.6.0]- 2023-11-2

  • Improved responses of CodeMate Chat

  • Added option to manage context for CodeMate Chat, users can check the context of the current conversation in the chat view

  • Added option to clear and restore context for CodeMate Chat

[2.5.7] - [2.5.8]- 2023-10-26

  • Minor bug fixes for CodeMate Chat and Knowledge Base Content

[2.5.6]- 2023-10-25

  • Added option to reference multiple knowledge base content(upto 2) by using '@' in the chat textbox

  • Added option to open and view referenced files in current editor / browser in CodeMate Chat.

  • Added option to clear the current chat history.

  • Added notification for new releases of CodeMate.

  • Added indicator in View Knowledge Base Content if nothing is added to the knowledge base.

  • Added option to stop generating the current chat conversation in CodeMate Chat.

  • Fixed a bug where clear knowledge base didn't clear the added websites in knowledge base.

[2.5.5]- 2023-10-15

  • Minor bug fixes

[2.5.4]- 2023-10-14

  • Added support for adding private git repositories to knowledge base(for pro users only)

  • GitHub OAuth added for selecting owned repositories

  • Added option for importing content from a website URL to knowledge base

  • Commands & Shortcuts for knowledge base reference added in CodeMate Chat

  • Added section for managing multiple actions related to knowledge base

  • Minor UI updates and bug fixes

[2.5.3]- 2023-10-08

  • Fixed a bug where icons were not being rendered in extension sidebar and CodeMate chat

  • Fixed a bug for scrolling view of CodeMate Chat

  • Fixed a bug for exceeding token lengths for long conversations

[2.5.1]- 2023-09-29

  • Made CodeMate theme as per VS Code selected theme for better user experience

  • Different pre-instructions for Code Review, Optimise and CodeMate chat

  • Minor UI fixes

  • KB now selects the open project by default

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

[2.5.0]- 2023-09-29

  • Conversational memory implemented in CodeMate chat for better context

  • CodeMate chat now remembers the previous conversation and opens the last conversation by default

  • URL parsing feature added in CodeMate chat (currently only for pro users) that allows users to send links to chat to answer queries

  • Knowledge base limits modified for projects

  • Pre-instruction option added in settings to allow users to send instructions before sending the actual query

  • Fixed a bug where code blocks in CodeMate chat were not being highlighted correctly

[2.4.9]- 2023-09-25

  • Fixed bug where chat view was not persistent

  • Project wise division of knowledge base

  • Added option to reference a particular project from the knowledge base while using CodeMate chat

  • Showing referenced files for a particular query in the chat view

[2.4.8]- 2023-09-19

  • Added option to delete chat history in CodeMate chat

  • Fixed a bug where selected code from active editor was not being sent to CodeMate chat correctly

  • Fixed a bug where suggestions and code from CodeMate chat was not being sent to selected text in active editor correctly

  • Added option to select files which needs to be added to the knowledge base instead of whole codebase

  • Added progress bar to show the progress of adding files to the knowledge base

  • Fixed minor bugs

[2.4.7]- 2023-09-16

  • Added option to clear knowledge base from vector database in the Titlebar

[2.4.6]- 2023-09-14

  • Added auto-scroll in CodeMate chat

[2.4.5]- 2023-09-08

  • Removed auto scanning of codebase and Added option at the user end to start adding current open codebase to the knowledge base

  • Added option to enter new line in CodeMate chat

  • Added option to cancel Debug and Review code

  • Fixed minor performance bugs

  • Added option to select single line or multiple lines of code in CodeMate chat

  • Restricted sending messages when response is printing in CodeMate chat

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