The CodeMate CLI tool allows developers to monitor processes and autofix errors arising on compile time or run time. It is capable of generating functional and unit test cases and iterating your entire code on its own if any test cases fails during production. It is designed to run in the background and provide error reports as the script executes. The tool can also refactor or review the entire code base along with single files or functions, which is particularly useful for developers who need to evaluate larger projects comprehensively.

In addition to these main features, the cli provides access to all core features like CodeMate Chat, which means developers who work primarily with terminals can feel at home with CodeMate CLI! The cli is available for all shells including bash, powershell, command prompt, zsh & more.

Check out the following videos to see CodeMate CLI in action:

Following are the features that are available with CodeMate cli:

  • Link GitHub account to CodeMate

  • codemate chat <query>: Chat with CodeMate

  • codemate debug <file>: Debug a file

  • codemate review: Review the code of a project

  • codemate review-file <file>: Review the code of a file

  • codemate optimise <file>: Optimize the code of a file

  • codemate monitor <process>: monitor a process for errors & debug them

  • codemate add-KB: add a project to Knowledge Base

  • codemate set-theme <hex value>: pass on a hex scheme to apply as the theme for codemate-cli

Read more about the cli features & download it here: CodeMate cli

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